how to duplicate a page in wordpress or Clone a page

I explained the easiest way to solve this problem is how to duplicate a page in WordPress. Please Just follow the pre-configured step by step.

How to duplicate a page in WordPress

  1. Download Duplicate Post Plugin And Install it.
  2. Now go to Posts -> All Posts and now look over to every post. You’ll find two new option added (Clone & New Draft).
  3. To copy a post, Click on “Clone” to duplicate/Clone the post.
  4. You will find your new duplicated/Cloned post with the same title as a draft.
  5. Now change the content or use it according to your need.

Advanced Settings:

You can add a suffix or prefix to the title of the cloned post for better findability and distinguish which post or page is cloned

Follow these steps to add your desired word before or after the title of the cloned post.

  1. Go to Setting -> Duplicate Post (You also find it in installed plugins > Duplicate Post)
  2. Scroll down to “Title Prefix”
  3. Whatever you write in this field will be added before every clone post.
  4. Click on “Save Changes” to save the settings.

Alert For SEO:

Although it’s time efficient to duplicate a post or page you have to cautious while duplicating your post/pages. If you forget about it and, Google will consider it as duplicate content. Make sure you don’t have multiple identical contents on your website. It will hamper your SERP ranking.

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